Monday, May 9, 2011

Pisces Zodiac Love Profile

The Fishes  

Water Sign

February 20 – March 20

Pisces in Love Life

If you're loved by a Pisces, you probably sit around with a big smile whenever the conversation turns to your lover. Pisces knows how to love unconditionally and there is absolutely no limit to the height or depth to which they'll go for you. There is no greater supporter in your corner than your Pisces lover. they knows instinctively what you need and what they should say or do to encourage and nurture you.
A Pisces profile outlines a wise person who has lived enough lifetimes to know what life is about and what's important. To them, there's nothing more important than finding their soul mate and creating a loving life together. They want the white picket fence and cottage house with roses. That doesn't mean they want to be coddled or protected from the cold hard world. They are quite capable of making it on them own and will do so with such ease that most people are left wondering how they manages to do so much and make it look so effortless.
Once Pisces is reassured that you aren't trying to trick or fool them, they'll begin to open up to you in bits and pieces that you'll have to put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Just when you think you have the puzzle solved, they'll toss in another piece. You'll then realize that what you thought was going to be a picture of a mountain scene is really that of an ocean. This is the allure of Pisces, ethereal and other worldly. They are never what they appears and yet more than you imagined.   

You can't rush Pisces to reveal their inner secrets, and chances are they'll never reveal too much to anyone. They are a very complex person with a highly-developed intellect that you may get a small glimpse of on occasion.
For a less evolved Pisces, these same traits can become stumbling blocks for them and for those in their life. Their reticent mannerisms can sometimes be off-putting to other signs such as Gemini, who lives to communicate. Whenever Pisces clams up, you might take it personally and believe that this fish is cold. It's difficult for Pisces to emerge from the depths of their dream world to convey to you what they are thinking or feeling.
If they haven’t spent much time developing there communication skills, Pisces can be seen as anti-social and remain misunderstood most of their life. Unless they apply strong disciplines in their life, they'll end up swimming in circles or losing interest and moving on to the next thing that catches her attention. This trait can make them very unreliable. In truth, it's just Pisces trying to avoid been caught and forced to live a lifestyle not of their choosing.
Remember, they’re a master sign and has earned their place as the twelfth sign of the zodiac. They have much to teach, but they'll be reluctant to give advice or attempt to instruct anyone. You'll have to be patient and wait for them to open up to you. If you stick with, you'll go on an amazing journey into their mind, a journey that will help you glimpse the depth of their heart, as well as their soul. For Pisces, the only love you truly ever know is the love you give, and they have tons of love for the right mate. They’ll also be a caring and loving parent who is surprisingly strict at times.
To be clear, life with Pisces is not what you probably expected. Once you win their over and gain them trust, you’ll share a gracious and genteel lifestyle filled with happiness and love. What more could anyone want?

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